Afriglobal Group is a conglomerate with business interests in the chemicals distribution, Logistics and healthcare industries. With an impressing turnover of over USD200m per annum, it is one of the fastest growing business concerns in Nigeria.

Nagode Industries Limited, the flagship company of Afriglobal Group was registered in1988 as the brainchild of a visionary man Mr. B. B. Garg. Her business was majorly raw chemical distribution. She has since grown into a diversified entity with about five dynamic and fast growing competent organizations now referred to as Afriglobal Group of Companies. Each organization has developed into the market leader or one of the leading players in its own field.

Currently, beyond Nigeria, we have operations in Cameroun, Ghana, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Tanzania, and Egypt. We also have offices India, China and South Korea. However, its international outlook notwithstanding, Afriglobal Group has remained true to its African Origin.

An inspirational role model African institution that is at the forefront of emerging opportunities in healthcare, logistics and chemicals value chain.

Inspiring Africa